Be Mine Screensaver

Be Mine Screensaver

Adds Valentine's Day theme as a screensaver
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Replace the standard Windows screensavers with a custom Valentine's Day theme containing still images and multiple animations along with several musical compositions serving as the background soundtrack. All effects and animations are optionally disabled, previews and visualization customizations are available.

Valentine's Day is a date of joy when people celebrate love and friendship. This screensaver brings the spirit of the day showing several backgrounds with animated figures, all of them related to Valentine's Day theme, such as hearts, kissess, birds, and lovely couples. All this is competed with sound effects and a matching soundtrack conveying a relaxing and romantic feeling.
The screensaver has several interesting features. For example, you can set any of its backgrounds as your default wallpaper. Also, it is possible to set up the quality level of the DirectX animations, as well as enable or disable the sounds and/or music effects. You can create your own music setlist too, using the songs you have in your system. By default, the screensaver shows your system's clock, but you can choose to hide it. All these features can be adjusted through the settings panel.
An advantage of this screensaver is that, unlike other supposedly free programs, this one does not force you to install anything else, although the installation wizard suggests you to change your browser's homepage and your search engine to those of Nevertheless, you can decline and still install the program with its full features.

Victor Hernandez
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